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The Flamenco Guitar Academy

Do you want to learn to play Flamenco Guitar?
You have come to the perfect place …

by Pedro Vázquez

Yes, I know that you have tried to learn to play the guitar many times and that you have given up again and again.

Believe me, I know what you’re going through because I also got desperate when things didn’t work out for me.

But over time I discovered that it was all a matter of being able to organize the learning well.

So I know that I can help you achieve your dream of playing the guitar.

This is what the students tell me when they arrive at the Academy and these are some of my answers

"I can't play it well at all"

As much as I practice, in the end I realize that I don’t know how to play anything properly.

You have to focus on your learning. You can't be doing 10 things at once. I can advise you what suits you best at all times.

"I can't learn to play the guitar"

I have tried many times and in the end I always end up giving up because I think it is very difficult for me.

You need to focus your learning on what is really important to you at all times.

"I've been playing the same thing for years"

I’ve been playing the same old stuff for many years. The same chords, the same songs and I’m not moving forward. I feel that I am stuck.

Many students turn to me because they are in the same situation. After a few months in the academy, their change is spectacular.

"The guitar is very difficult"

I started playing but I stopped because there were chords that I couldn’t do. The Fa was an ordeal. It never worked for me.

If you let me advise you with what you have to do at all times, I assure you that the learning process will be much more bearable

"I learn a lot of chords but I don't know where to play them later"

I have learned a lot of chords, but when it comes to playing I don’t know where to use them.

Chords must be learned within a context, otherwise you will forget them by not practicing them.

"Soy muy torpe"

Creo que nunca voy a ser capaz de tocar. Soy muy torpe y muy mayor para aprender.

Believe me when I tell you that no one is born knowing and that age is never an impediment for learning.

What will you find in Aprendeguitarra.es?

Courses in constant growth and a NEW LESSON EVERY WEEK*

*Access to all content from day one. The new lesson will be added to all available content.


Basic Chords Course, Introductory Course to Sevillanas, Tango, Songs, Learning Resources and much more…


More than 140 students of different nationalities are already users of AprendeGuitarra.es. With the constant support of a teacher. Would you encourage yourself to enter?


More than 120 lessons available. A new lesson every week. With additional downloadable material for easier learning.

* Every week you will have EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to a GROUP CLASS in which you can answer your questions directly with the teacher. These classes will be recorded and made available to all students so that you can review them as many times as you need.


More than a basic collection of video-tutorials…

Courses with all the lessons on video

Each Course includes video lessons, with explanations of all the techniques, falsetas, techniques that you will need to become a true flamenco guitarist. In addition, WEEKLY LIVE CLASSES, where you can answer all your questions, downloadable PDFs so you can continue studying offline and much more …

Weekly online classes

Every week you can task me your questions LIVE and I will help you solve them.

Video tutorials

More than 150 explanatory videos of technique, falsetas, exercises, tips and much more.


Tabs of all the exercises and falsetas that you are going to learn ready to download

1 New Lesson every Week

Every week, a new lesson… You will have access to ALL THE CONTENT FROM THE FIRST MOMENT.


Downloadable PDFs

Additional downloadable material. PDF documents, slowed down audios…

Learning Bonus

Video tutorials with additional material with useful tips and tools to help you.

My Suggestion

You will have the possibility to propose themes, songs or falsetas for weekly Courses and Lessons…

Weekly Study Planning **

Every week you will have a personalized study plan so that your progress will be absolutly unstoppable.

**Available for students for CLASSES 1to1


Curso Calentamiento Guitarra Básico


4 Lessons


14 Lessons


15 Lessons


8 Lessons


12 Lessons

Curso Calentamiento Avanzado


10 Lessons


13 Lessons


3 Lessons


15 Lessons


19 Lessons


13 Lessons

Curso de iniciación a la Soleá 1


6 Lessons

Curso de iniciación a la Soleá 1


15 Lessons

Curso de iniciación a la Soleá 1


18 Lessons

Curso de iniciación a la Soleá 2


11 Lessons

And also… Songs within the «My Suggestion» Section, Special Christmas Monographs, with Flamenco Christmas Carols and as always… a new lesson every week and a collection of courses in continuous growth.


Start today to begin fulfilling your dream

Subscribe to the Academy and you will have 7 DAYS FREE to try everything that is inside. You will have access to all the content WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS.

Subscribe to the Academy and you will have 7 DAYS FREE to try everything that is inside. You will have access to all the content WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS.

* Offer valid only for the first 100 subscriptions.


Hi, I’m Pedro Vázquez, Flamenco Guitarist

I started playing when I was 12 years old (I’m 44) and I quickly realized that the guitar was going to be the great companion of my life.

In the last 16 years I have helped more than 100 students from around the world fulfill their dream of playing the guitar. I have also produced and directed musically flamenco shows such as “La Cantata del Pernales, Zambomba Navideña” A Belén Pastores “,” Sonia León & Wadi Flamenco “,” Calle Barco “,” Tablao “… among others, performing on stages in Seville, Huelva , Cádiz, Segovia, Bilbao, Soria, Lisbon …

Now, I can help you to play the guitar…

Over the years I have been fortunate to learn from the best … and that when it comes to understanding Spanish guitar and flamenco has been essential to feel free when I´m playing.

With Diego del Morao ...

How to understand Jerez´s soniquete… how to face the stage and artists with people you have never played with. His way of composing and understanding the instrument is absolutely magical and wonderful.

With Master Manolo Sanlúcar

To be able to receive the Master’s advice, to instill respect in me for flamenco and for the public. Always showing “the truth.” They are lessons that I will never forget in that wonderful summer in Córdoba.

With Maestro Riqueni

An unrepeatable summer… as if I had been learning with The Beatles … that’s how I felt when the master welcomed me into his house and taught me the art of playing the guitar, beyond technique …

How to feel the accompaniment ... Miguel Ángel Cortés and Esperanza Fernandez

How to adapt to the cantaora, how to create falsetas, how to create new sounds in flamenco… This is Miguel Ángel Cortés…

They are already in AprendeGuitarra.es. What are you waiting for?

They are already in AprendeGuitarra.es. What are you waiting for?


Student in Aprendeguitarra.es

«The personal way of teaching guitar is wonderful»


Student in Aprendeguitarra.es

“I started with a level 0 and I have slowly learned to play.”


Student in Aprendeguitarra.es

«I was studying on my own and had not gotten any results until now. «


Student in Aprendeguitarra.es

“Pedro has shown me a world in the guitar that I hadn’t even thought existed”


Student in Aprendeguitarra.es

“Pedro has adapted perfectly to my needs.”


Student in Aprendeguitarra.es

«Since I have been at the Academy, my technique and my knowledge have improved a lot. «

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have any questions? I’ll answer you here below…

Can I try AprendeGuitarra.es?

Of course! Once you choose the plan you want, you will have 7 days to evaluate it and see if it suits your needs. If this is not the case, you can unsubscribe

Is all the content available to me?

Of course! ALL THE CONTENT IS AT YOUR DISPOSAL FROM THE FIRST DAY. So that you understand … it’s like Netflix … you enter and you can see all the complete courses from day one.

How often is content added?

Every week there is a new lesson available for the student. In addition, the courses will increase slowly. You also have the option of making your own suggestions in case you want to play a certain song or learn a falseta that you like.

Do you offer personalized online classes?

Yes!!! They are available in 1 to 1 CLASSES. Given that I have a large number of students, it may be that when entering CLASSES 1to1, there will be no availability of places, but you can make a free reservation and I will contact you as soon as there are free places. These classes are recorded so that you can watch them as many times as you need.


Can I Cancel my Subscription at any time?

Effectively. If at any time you do not want to continue with the subscription, you can unsubscribe without any question or impediment. Freedom to play and to continue on AprendeGuitarra.es

What is the minimum or maximum age to learn?

Learning to play an instrument like the guitar does not have an age limit. I teach 5-year-old students and 70-year-old students. Their preferences, their desire to learn are exactly the same. There are no limits if your dream is to play the Guitar.

What if I am not able to do an exercise?

I can help you!!! If you get stuck in a lesson and need help, you can ask me personally in the weekly LIVE classes. I will solve your doubts and I will recommend the exercises that can help you. 

What do I need to get started?

Well, if you feel like playing … you already have gone a long way. Grab your guitar and we’ll start whenever you want.  Your firsts 7 days are FREE.

Are you Ready?

Pick your plan and start playing right now!